CodeFlux provides a number of services associated with custom application development and management

Code Reviews

Several of our customers have requested code reviews of applications that are about to be taken into a production environment (a readiness validation) or applications that have recurring issues. We have a code review tool that we use in the development environment to assist the CodeFlux developers identify problems in their code and ensure we conform to SOLID principles. We can also use this tool for doing analysis on our customers code or code that has been developed by other software development houses. The output of the code review is a comprehensive document detailing potential issues with the code.

Application Development

Part of our development strategy has been to align to the Microsoft technology stack. This ensures our solutions are structured and standardised in a common way. Integration with Office365 is seamless for those solutions that require a form of automation or workflow to support business artifacts. Testing and maintenance of the system is also greatly simplified along code management and team collaboration. Adopting a simplified and standardised approach leads to faster development cycles and easier support. This translates into a lower cost of ownership for our customers.

Bot Development

The Microsoft Azure Bot Service framework empowers us to develop bots for scenarios including form, language understanding, question and answer, and proactive bots. Leveraging off of these services, we can create bots that can recognize a user in photos, moderate content, make smart recommendations, translate language and more. The Azure Bot Service can be integrated across multiple channels to increase customer interaction using your website or app to email, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Slack, Telegram, SMS and Skype for Business.

Mobile Development

A recent study showed that only sixteen percent of mobile applications are used more than once. There are many reasons for this so we always caution our customers in building a mobile application unless there is a real business need for it. From a technology perspective, CodeFlux uses a Microsoft development framework called Xamarin for creating mobile applications. This enables us to create one code base that can run on Windows, Apple and Android mobile devices.

Graphic Design and User Interface Design

To ensure our work looks professional and slick, we utilise the skills of graphic designers and User Interface (UI) developers. By building an application that has a strong UI and User Experience (UX) more people will want to use the application (and keep using it). A well-designed application that is easier to use and more intuitive is easier integrate into a business from a change management and user adoption perspective. It can also lead to an increase in user productivity.

Application Support

CodeFlux provides Application Support as part of our support services. Should your organisation have several custom applications that have become critical to your business, we can implement tools and processes to support the health and stability of the systems. To move from a reactive, to proactive support state, we would do a due diligence of the system that we are required to support. This would include a technical and business impact study. Tools would then be implemented to assist with monitoring along with notification mechanisms that can be triggered when potential issues arise.


CodeFlux offers a mature application management and support service.

The Codeflux Application Management team has the required skills and experiences for supporting application systems. Some of these processes including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing systems.

Our team can scale beween support for a non-critical business application in a small business, or a large complex application that is business critical in an Enterprise environment that conforms to ITIL standards. We have built up experience and knowledge in both these ICT environments.


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